The Tamara Ranch Project

I'm not the only farm enterprise on Tamara Ranch. Being the third addition on the land, I collaborate with Blake Hall of Prairie Gold Pastured Meats, and Mike Kozlowski of Steel Pony Farms. We are all farmers working side by side for mutual benefits, and each filling their ecological niche provided by the land. We all put an emphasis on transparency and strive to have a close relationship with our customers. 


Prairie Gold Pastured Meats produces grass finished beef, pastured pork and eggs.

Cattle have been roaming on Tamara Ranch for a long time. The Ranch is owned by Tom and Margaret Towers who have raised cattle their whole life and have steward the land in a holistic way since the beginning of the 90's. Looking forward towards retirement they have been fortunate to put the land in good hands. Blake Hall of Prairie Gold Pastured Meats has been taking over stewardship of the Ranch since 2013. Being a holistic grazer himself Blake is committed to continue growing their legacy in the same way. He and his family are living on the Ranch and have ever put emphasis on raising cattle in a humane and natural manner while restoring native grass species of the prairies and creating more bio diversity. The meat produced is by far top quality, better than anything you'll buy at the store!


Steel Pony Farms provides families with high quality, pesticide-free vegetables.

Another beneficiary of these healthy soils is Mike Kozlowski of Steel Pony Farms. He rotates his seasonal vegetable gardens trough these pastures and the benefits can both be seen and tasted in the produce.

Mike has been running a CSA program for several years now providing his members with high quality vegetables. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a direct marketing system where the members share the risks and benefits of production with the farmer. Direct marketing offers several benefits – for both the customer and smaller scaled growers. The main benefits of the CSA program is the elimination of the ‘middle man’ in the value chain, which allows the consumer to know how their produce is handled and where it comes from, as well as financially supports the farmer and gives him the chance to produce a product of higher quality.

Mike is passionate about creating a healthier community by providing his members with his highly nutritious vegetables.


I've been raising my broiler chickens during the summer months since 2015!

As a contributory element to the farm, my chickens are raised out on the pasture following the grazing cattle to mimic the natural behavior of the great herds of the grasslands being followed by birds “sanitizing” the land after them. Historically, they are fulfilling their part in this symbiotic relationship between large grazing herbivores and omnivorous birds by eating leftover forage and parasites which is breaking the parasite cycle. In addition, they spread the cow manure when eating bug and fly larvae which enhances soil fertility, builds topsoil and sequesters atmospheric carbon. This reduces erosion, increases water retention and drought resistance, and produces a diverse sward of healthy, pest-resistant, high-energy grasses that bring optimal health to the grazing animals of the farm. As they will receive a new piece of pasture every day, their manure will enhance the regenerative ability of the land even more and will increase the quality of the soil with every cycle.

Tamara Ranch is a perfect example of how we humans can manage and design a natural habitat to our advantage and create a profitable, sustainable business with a local food system; all while respecting the environment and creating a healthier planet for generations to come. As a customer, you can be part of this revolutionary direct marketing system and support local, sustainable agriculture.