What are the benefits of raising pastured poultry?

Pastured chickens offer many benefits to the sustainable farm and its consumers by supplying healthy, cleaner meat, enhancing soil fertility and controlling weeds and insects on the farm.

"This farm model does not smell, does not pollute, angers no neighbors with noxious odors and lowers the consumers cholesterol instead of raising it!"

Good For You

Raised in a historically natural way of eating high amounts of forage, these pastured chickens can be clinically shown to be far healthier for the consumer than conventionally produced birds. Pastured birds contain high amounts of Vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients that are known to reduce cholesterol.

Pastured birds also have more access to adequate space, fresh air, sunshine, and exercise; therefore maintain better physical health than confined birds.

Raised without steroids, fecal-air or artificial light our chickens only get treated with antibiotics if faced with acute illness.

Pastured chickens consume high amounts of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the number one detoxifier in nature. That’s why we are supposed to eat green leafy vegetables that are high in anti-oxidants to reduce the amount of free radicals in our bodies. This is how we lower the risk of heart disease, some neurological diseases, and some cancers. As chickens are omnivores just like us, the grass they eat has the same health benefits to them. This makes a far more superior product than a bird that lived his whole life in confinement.

Good For The Local Economy

Direct marketing is a way of re-connecting feeders and eaters and de-commoditizing food. By eliminating the ‘middle man’ in the value chain, more of the consumer dollar ends up on the producer’s farm, which supports the local economy. The customers share the risks and benefits of production with the farmer which creates a bond between producer and consumer that doesn’t exist in the conventional food system.

Good For The Farm

Poultry enhances soil fertility by working their own manure into the soil, and managing crop pests by grazing on weeds and insects. By rotating the birds into pasture following other livestock, they control fly and parasite problems and offer so disease prevention.

This is why FieldToFork Farm provides its customers with a nutrient dense, sustainable and humanely raised, chicken that can’t be found in the conventional grocery store.

Moving the pens daily keeps them clean and offers the chickens a fresh piece of pasture!